Laboratory Environments

Technical surfacing, specialist components and fabrication


Providing high-quality work surfaces in a wide range of grades according to performance demand and cost profile.

We are proud to be members of The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association whose purpose is to promote the use of “laboratory grade” furniture equipment and fixtures.
SEFA and its members work closely with laboratory owners, architects, contractors and others taking a leadership role in advancing the cause of good laboratory planning, ensuring Laboratory grade components together with safety/confidence  in specification.



Laboratory grade worktops, sinks and components, made from the highest quality materials from leading industry suppliers.

The importance of specification materials and detail is vital.

Using only the best materials, trusted suppliers and working practices, we fabricate worktops with tailored edge details, sinks, drip cups and upstands for all your requirements.



Find all your key laboratory equipment built with leading industry technical expertise and modern technology, including Fume Scrubbers and Neutralisation Units.

Low energy solutions protect you and the environment at the same time. 

Clean Room Components


Step over benches, wardrobes, locker cubicles

Tailor-made solutions for your clean rooms, from step over benches to lockable cubicles, our clean room solutions are perfectly suited to your requirements.