Flexible Fume Scrubber

 A flexible and dynamic solution to a mobile problem

Fridurit Flexible Fume Scrubber

Industry leading laboratory technology

Fridurit – industry leaders in laboratory technology – can supply your laboratory with state-of-the-art Flexible Fume Scrubbers.

Flexible Fume Scrubbers have all the advantages of the built-in solutions – absorbing and neutralising corrosive fumes, airborne pollutants and toxic vapours from the source – but specifically designed for applications with limited overhead space, with an integrated fan so it can be placed anywhere in the room.

Flexible Fume Scrubbers:

  • Require lower investment and have lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Have no hidden costs for modifications and installations
  • Are easy to install
  • Is lightweight and space-saving with an integrated fan
  • 95% absorption efficiency in a compact, serviceable package