Fume Scrubber

Fume scrubbers absorb a high rate of aggressive and toxic acid vapours directly at their source of emission

Fridurit Fume Scrubber

Industry leading laboratory technology

Fridurit – industry leaders in laboratory technology – can supply your laboratory with state-of-the-art Fume Scrubbers.

Fridurit Fume Scrubbers absorb and neutralise corrosive fumes, airborne pollutants and toxic vapours from the source – the laboratory fume cupboard.

Decentralised Fridurit Fume Scrubbers are distinguished by excellent absorption of aggressive and toxic acid vapours direct from the laboratory fume cupboards while simultaneously protecting the environment with minimal energy consumption and combining a high degree of operational efficiency.

Fridurit Fume scrubbers complies with European Standards and Fridurit manufacturing fulfils all ISO standards for:

  • General Process Management (ISO9001:2008)
  • Adherence to Environmental Aspects (ISO14001:2004)
  • Implementing an energy management system (ISO50001:2011)

This results in:

  • 97% absorption efficiency in a compact package
  • Intelligent air ducts with approx. 30% less air resistance than comparable units.
  • Significantly lower investment and operating costs than the central cleaning systems

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