Neutralisation Unit

Neutralises all acid and alkaline waste-water produced during laboratory operation rapidly, economically and reliably.

Fridurit Neutralisation Unit

Decentralised neutralisation of laboratory waste water

Fridurit – industry leaders in laboratory technology – can supply your laboratory with a state-of-the-art Neutralisation Unit C100.

Neutralisation units are used in scientific laboratories to safely neutralise acidic and alkali waste water. Once the waste water within has reached a neutral pH-value and after a predetermined control time, the reaction can be discharged in to the waste water drainage.

The C100 is proven to be an economical solution that can be installed silently in laboratory cupboards or as a stand-alone unit, with an electric controller and specially designed mixer/pump unit. It is fast, reliable, fully automatic and self-regulating, with a compact design that is easy to assemble and service.

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