Getacore Solid Surfaces

GetaCore Accessories

High quality, warm touch and non-porous surface, with greater design possibilities not found with other materials.

GetaCore Accessories

Coved Profile

Acrylic-bound Solid Surface material suitable to create a radiused edge between worktop and upstand.  4100mm with 8mm radius.

Acrylic Joint Glue

GetaCore 2-component acrylic glue/joint adhesive in 50ml or 250ml cartridges, including 2 mixing nozzles. (Additional nozzles are essential when using the same GetaCore cartridge more than twice.)

Sanding Kits

SemiMat/SuperMat Sanding Kit - 2 x P120 Sanding Pads, P180 Sanding Pads, P320 Sanding pads, VF 360 (red) Sanding pads, S400 (black) Sanding Pads and 1 x STS 150

High Gloss Sanding Kit - 2 x P120 Sanding Pads, P180 Sanding Pads, P320 Sanding Pads, P500 Sanding Pads, P800 Sanding Pads, P1200 Sanding Pads and 1 x STS 150, 1 x Felt Pad.

TensorGrip L90

GetaCore Solid Surface Sheets are rigorously tested with an approved vertical cladding adhesive system, TensorGrip L90 (available to order).

TensorGrip L90 is suitable for bonding solid surface materials to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other timber sheet materials.

TensorGrip L90 has the ability to bond ACRYLIC based surface materials successfully without attacking or reacting with the fundamental core properties of the sheets themselves. 

Westag has approved L90 for use on their Getacore 3mm and 10mm sheets.

Available in 22ltr canister and 500ml aerosol.

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Other Products

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