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Reliability, Our shared Core Values

The following being an extract relating to Rex Bousfield’s Entry

The UK-based company Rex Bousfield Ltd (part of See Ltd Group) and Trespa have been joining forces for more than four decades. The company, run by the Bousfield family since 1948, played a key role in the introduction of Trespa materials in the UK market in the 70s and has been an important manufacturing and distribution partner ever since. On average, the group orders approximately 160.000 m2 of Trespa® TopLab® panels per year.

Director Robert Bousfield: “We believe that availability of a product and its distribution are an extension of its recognised quality. Our commitment enables us to ride the peaks and troughs of the variable seasonality in the United Kingdom, thus maintaining constant availability. Furthermore, we provide a highquality fabrication service with state-of-the-art computerised cutting and five-axis machining equipment.”

“We believe in strong partnerships
based on 
mutual trust and shared


Bousfield continues. “In Trespa, we have a partner for whom quality and innovation are core values; continuous investment in plant and constant product development ensure a unique reliability. Rex Bousfield Ltd is proud to be  aligned with such a company and we look forward to continuing working with Ingo Sternitzke and his excellent global team.”

*In the United Kingdom, Trespa® TopLab® products are sold through Performance Panels Ltd, the distribution arm of See Ltd.

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